About Us

For the past decade, MOJO Europe’s wristbands have been the product choice for athletes, equestrians and ordinary people alike.

In this anniversary year, MOJO continues to thrive on a tide of glowing testimonials and positive results. 2018/19 marks a milestone for this South Wales based company, which has invested in a science evidence-based study to test the benefits of its flagship product. The full study is available to read on our site. The wristbands effectiveness ranges from subtle to significant – depending on the person, or animal, wearing it.

Mojo wristbands, contrary to belief do not contain magnets – but works solely using the body’s own bio-electrical field. Pleases our personal customer reviews of those who have benefited, in fact, it was back pain which led to one of MOJO Europe’s directors – then a professional surfer to first discover the wristband for himself. So impressed with the results, he quickly signed a deal to become the UK and Europe’s official distributor.

That was ten years ago, and now more products, colours, and designs have been added to the range, while benefits to horses and dogs have been uncovered to. Studies aside, our product is something best tried and tested by the likes you who kindly report back results and become long-term users.

www.mojoeurope.com do not claim that any of the products offered are intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose illness. If you believe you have a health problem, you should consult a doctor or health professional.

Now, a word of warning.

The success of MOJO Europe has unfortunately spawned copycats and fakes.  Many now even tagging the name MOJO in their description on popular selling sites, such as E-bay and Amazon.