September 25, 2020 1 min read

Event Rider

Think the effects of the mojo are slightly less on me. I slept well before and this is much the same. I am generally a fairly laid back person but I can be a inward worrier however I have felt much calmer. At my first event of the season, I felt practically horizontal which is amazing as especially for the dressage I can get quite anxious! Biggest plus for me is no longer suffering from pain across my lower back from breaking my pelvis. Movements that used to hurt don’t anymore and I feel I’m sitting much better in the saddle! For tia (horse) she is naturally very hot and spooky She always has been. Since wearing her mojos she seems much more level headed especially for the first event of the season I was slightly concerned when I realised I had to ride through the cross country warm up to the dressage warm up! Usually this would of totally blown her brain but she was very chilled which is fantastic!