September 25, 2020 2 min read

Event Rider

I’ve been wearing my Mojo every day since I received mine earlier this year. I have suffered a lot with my knees for several years and have struggled with pain management for them. So I was intrigued to see what a Mojo could do for me.

A few months in it did occur to me I’d had a lot less problems and I haven’t woken up during the night due to  severe pain I could get.

I did take the band off for an evening, and forgot to put it back on. The next day I was crippled and could hardly walk due to the pain in my knees, it wasn’t until Mum pointed out to me that I hadn’t got my Mojo on that I remembered to put it back on (proving to me that it’s definitely not just a placebo effect)
Once I had the band back on they were much better within a couple of hours, again showing it’s not a placebo as I couldn’t of been sitting waiting for it to kick in for that long!

After this I’ve ensured not to have a day without it, I’m now travelling therefore doing a lot of walking/standing. I’ve brought tape/painkillers etc but my knees have not yet got to the point where I need to use either

I’d also struggle with my knees riding, especially after cross country where I’d be in a lighter seat therefore be in a more weight bearing position for longer. Since wearing the Mojo I’ve been more comfortable in the saddle and have gone to complete my first BENovice going clear cross country!

I’d like to thank Mojo both for their product and for their excellent customer service, their help has been second to none!