September 26, 2020 1 min read

Show Jumper

I have been using my Mojo band now for 3 years after I originally bought one to help with recovery from an injury and I haven’t been without it since. There have been numerous benefits from prevention of aches and pains to helping with travel and motion sickness.

Most recently after I broke my wrist 18 months ago, around Christmas time I noticed my wrist was aching and put it down to the cold and damp. After a week or so of it aching I noticed one of the holograms and burst out.

After receiving a new band at Olympia, I haven’t had my wrist ache since.
I also have used the horse bridle/head collar patches. Being very sceptical I was astonished by the results and in the increased concentration levels not just on the one specific horse chosen to trial them but on all of my Horses!

I would and do recommend the products not just to equestrians I deal with but people from all walks of life. The benefits are countless!