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Water Programming by a Protect Filter in a Resonant Longitudinal Field with Modulation of ATP

Testing of the Protect Filter’s effect on water as a simulation of how the Protect signal will affect the water in a human body.

We cannot outrun high frequency radiation, which is here to stay, but we can filter it to provide some protection.

The Protect Filter in this test was added under the baseline water test, Gold Reflection, and the retest was conducted in 10 minutes to allow the Protect Filter to signal the purified water through the Pyrex vial.

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Mojo Technology in Golf by Dr Mark Ball, PHD

This study will explore and investigate the effects of the Mojoband on segmental accelerations and peak club head speed in golf. Participants will hit five golf shots wearing both the Mojoband and no band in a random order, participants will wear the Mojoband and/or no band both blind to themselves and the researcher. Pre and post analysis will then be carried out exploring any influence the Mojoband has on segmental accelerations and peak club head speed compared to wearing no band.

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Longitudinal magnetic waves trigger higher ATP-levels and extend the aging process of plants

For several decades, the exciting question has been at the centre of scientifc research on whether and how aging processes can be infuenced. In the following therefore, the question should be investigated to what extent the increase in the ATP level (ATP = adenosine triphosphate, the energy molecule of life) can infuence the life extension of a biological organism

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Anti-Aging by longitudinal magnetic waves: A new approach by modulating ATP-Levels

Mainstream medicine usually uses drugs as remedy that are expected to interact biochemically with the body’s cells to achieve its healing goals. For this purpose, the drug is usually applied orally or topically, as it must come into close contact with the target cells in the body to act according to the biochemical paradigm.

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