Learn how MOJO Technology works

April 30, 2021 2 min read

Mojo Proprietary Technology

Using the proprietary technology developed over the course of 15 years,
We are able to help combat the negative side effects of electro-pollution.
Here is how it works…

It starts with the energy that is all around us.

Tiny sub-atomic electrons creating an energetic signature of everything.
Atoms vibrate according to their mass and electron configuration, which in turn, creates its own signature. Its own frequency.
Put those atoms together, and you'll form a molecule that will have its own specific resonant frequency.
For example, we know the atomic weight of magnesium is 24.305, which translates to 37.485598 MHz
We are all familiar with technology that captures and records the sound of your voice.
In turn, we have developed a technology that can capture the sound, or  energetic resonance, of matter like magnesium.
Your voice can be imprinted on a CD or on a memory stick.
We have the ability to imprint molecular signatures on to a substrate - like a hologram.
By placing a hologram filled with molecular information within your body's electrical bio field, or the electromagnetic field of your mobile phone, it is able to play those frequencies.
Much like a tuning fork, your body resonates with the molecular frequency being played. 
The 100 trillion cells of the human body communicate with each other by subtle low electric magnetic signals and through biochemical reactions.
These signal pathways carry the information that becomes translated into all the biochemical and physiological processes of the body.
The proliferation of 5G electro-pollution from pulsed-EMF, RF and dirty electricity is proving to have extreme biological consequences.
We have solutions to counterbalance those detrimental signals, and mitigate the health impact due to the proliferation of 5G electro-pollution.