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Mojo Advantage Wristbands - Raptor 7

Mojo Raptor 7 Inch Dual Hologram wristbands and bracelets come in a range of colours and are reversible and completely waterproof. This size of wristband is popular amongst women and female teenagers who are seeking increased physical performance or improved health.

While some people find single hologram bands powerful enough, many choose to wear the double hologram wristbands to "max their Mojo". Wearers of Mojo Raptor wristbands have reported that it may have helped to relieve joint and muscular pain, alleviate stress, boost energy levelsand even reduce jetlag. As no two bodies are alike, the benefits experienced can differ from one individual to another, but elite athletes have been using this technology during their training and competition for years.

Wearers of the Mojo Raptor take part in a wide range of differing sports, from running and swimming through to surfing and motor sports.