Mojo x Rhi Jewellery - Silver Rope Chain Bracelet

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Silver / Lace Agate
Silver / Moonstone
Silver / Rose Quartz

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925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver

Designed for Fitness, Health and Wellness

Rope Bracelet

The rope chain bracelet features a 12mm Rainbow Moonstone, Lace Agate or Rose Quartz bezel set in sterling silver and highly polished. The rope chain is 1.8mm thick and is double threaded with a bolt clasp. Hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office.

Care Instructions

Sterling silver will tarnish over time. Please use a silver polishing cloth to clean regularly, these can be purchased in a jewellers or online. Semi precious stones shouldn't be immersed in a silver dip. Avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower, in the bath or while swimming.

Hand sanitiser, lotions and perfumes should be avoided so always put your jewellery on last.

When not wearing your jewellery, store in an air tight box to stop it from tarnishing.

Stone Symbols

Rose Quartz- symbol of love, purifies, promotes love, self-love and friendship.

Lace Agate - a soothing and calming stone, transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Moonstone - brings balance, harmony and hope.

About the Collection

I’ve always had a love of jewellery, adorning the body with sparkly, beautiful things. As a child, I’d be fascinated with the contents of my Grans jewellery box, seeing how many rings I could fit on each finger. It was no surprise I went on after my art and design course at college to study jewellery design, graduating from Hereford College of Arts in 2014 with a BA (hons) degree.

After graduating I moved back home to the seaside town of Porthcawl in South Wales and set up my brand ‘Rhi Jewellery’. I started with a bench in the corner of my mums living room before my boyfriend and I moved into our first home together, he kindly allowed me to take over the spare room to use as my studio.

Drawing inspiration from urban scenes, playing with textures and chunky rivets, combining them with semi-precious stones and Welsh slate which all feature quite a bit in my work. I’ve exhibited my jewellery across the UK through exhibitions and galleries. I also created a collection of brooches for Transport of London, The Brooch Is Back exhibition. The past couple of years you may have spotted me at various markets across Wales and the Southwest of England, I love getting to know the people who wear my jewellery.

Being in my studio creating is my passion, the whole process from designing to creating, hand crafting each piece. Making this collection for Mojo was a great experience and I hope you like it as much as I loved creating it.

Rhi Frankton, Rhi Jewellery