• Are the bands waterproof?


  • How long do the bands last?

    General lifespan is 18 Months. We have seen them last longer, but also less. It is dependent on the individual as to how quickly your body draws on the disk.

  • How long do the wristbands take to work?

    They can take up to a month to take full effect, but also for some people be almost immediate.

  • Do the wristbands work for everyone?

    Our product is proved to have an effect.  How it will work on you we cannot say. We are all individual, and the results can be from subtle to substantial.   We have a decade of testimonials for pain, swelling, balance, muscle fatigue, flexibility, energy, sleep, moods, menopause and anxiety to name a few.  But you may find yourself buying our band to help with your bad back and it helps you energy levels.

  • What is the difference between the Raptor, Classic and Elite.

    Purely aesthetic.

  • Do the wristbands need to fit tightly and do the discs need to touch the skin?

    The bands are better worn with some room in then.  The discs do not need to touch the skin directly.