Laura Edwards

I have always been sceptical over anything that “people say” improved your horses way of going other than hard work and determination!!!!……. so when I was approached to try the mojo effect I was planning on thinking this won’t make a difference, but how wrong was I!!! Firstly the horse I was riding at the time was very hot-headed and always on a mission with focus being his problem as there was often a serious lack of it……… I could tell straight away when I got on he was different, almost waiting for me to tell him what to do, he still had great energy but just felt like a brain wanting and waiting for instruction…… I guess I find it hard to describe the true effect it has had on all my horses, all I can say is I’d never ride anything without them and certainly never compete without them. I even have a set that  I use on horses I have in for training!!

And for myself I never ever take them off, the only time I took them off was my wedding day as I didn’t wear anything around my wrist but I was so conscious of not having it on and my balance feeling odd, I put one in my handbag to put back on straight after photos! It has improved my balance as well as the aches and pains most people have when you are riding 8 / 9 horses a day I’ve managed to stay away from!!!

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