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Which design do I chose?

We receive numerous phone calls and emails asking which Mojo is the best!

All of the Mojo's contain the same holograms, the style of the band is purely down to the design.

Single bands contain one hologram and double bands contain two. It's all down to personal preference.

Single hologram Advantage Mojo

Double hologram Advantage Max Mojo

Double hologram Advantage Raptor Mojo

Double hologram Advantage Elite Mojo


What size do I need?

It's easy!

Mojo's are available in 6 & 7" in a single hologram band and 7,8 & 9" in a double hologram band.

Measure your wrist in inches - if your wrist measures 7.5" then an 8" would be chosen, if your wrist measures exactly 7" then an 8" would still be chosen.

Your Mojo doesn't need to fit tightly or be on pressure points - it just needs to fit comfortably.