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Shannon Bridson


I cannot recommend these bands enough! I bought mine at Hickstead (2012), since then I qualified for Horse of The Year Show, won Champion Rider of The Year at the British-Show Pony-Society Summer Champs, came 2nd at HOYS, as well as other fantastic results. This has definitely been my best season since I began showing quite a few years ago now, and I believe my Mojo band has majorly contributed!
Picture: Me and my horse Kintillo Royal Doulton winning Champion Rider of The Year at BSPS.



Leanne Screen


Hiya.. I purchased a mojo band for myself at Burgley and the wraps for my horse - love them both. Normally my horse (TB) is a bit hot at dressage comps we went out the 2 weeks ago and I needed to give him a couple of touches with the whip to wake up a bit he was so relaxed!!!!! Everyone was amazed at the difference in him.


Mandy Chainey


Crohns sufferers!! My son was diagnosed with a rare form of Crohns - Penile nearly 2 years ago.  He is now 9 years old and has been wearing the Mojo since April 2012.  He benefits greatly, feels less tired, has a huge amount of strength and stamina, despite being on medication daily & bi-monthly at hospital.  He is very active and enjoys footie and motor sport too! We would thoroughly recommend trying a mojo  



Mini Pony Hire


I am not famous or a competitor but I do wear your wristband and my pony wears your equine patches.....I really believe that they help to keep us focused and calm when we are travelling around brightening the day of those in residential care.....including going in the lift to visit those who live on upper floors - Thank you for your fab product Mini Pony Hire 



Emma Louise Pudge


Bought my mojo band at Windsor on Saturday, recovered well from a long tiring day of showing in the heat! Woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and not at all stiff, so went on to run my first 10k race in 54 minutes, winning my section! He next morning, I feel great with no aches and am up and about feeling energised and on top form! Thanks mojo!



Ginnie Turner


 Stubborn, spooky nappy horse?  Not any more, after one hour her Mojo kicked in.  I have finally ridden the horse I was hoping for. The first outing with both of us wearing our new 'technology', bought yesterday at the Bath & West.



Andrea Turner

Absolutely amazing.  Really has helped my athsma eczema and sleeping pattern and energy levels. Really wouldnt be without.



Laura Evans

Amazing!!! And it works for travel sickness too. I won't be without mine now. And I only bought it yesterday.



Jane Burton

I use mojos on my new forest pony cant believe the results she wears them all the time and in 3 weeks she stopped pacing the field fence and now lays in the field eating and has doubled her body weight!!! incredible!!! she wears them to compete and now no longer needs ear plugs!!  she is just a chilled pony soo nice to work with now!!!!!


Gareth Roberts - Double Harness Scurry Driver


Double Harness Scurry Driver Gareth Roberts drives the largest pair of Scurry Ponies in the country.  Darkhorse Fred & Barney are Caspian x Arab’s, bred to carry heavy weight, they have the strength of a horse.  In their first season together in 2012, Gareth enjoyed a Championship win at The Royal International, Hickstead and Reserve Champion at The Horse of the Year Show.  
Gareth cannot recommend the equine patches enough, they have enabled his ponies to travel, stable overnight and compete in a trainable, relaxed mind set.  This season (2013) I have been able to make changes to and improve my driving.  Because of my ponies’ trainable temperaments at home and at events due to the patches, I have trialled and purchased a new carriage and trialled and changed their bits.  I have been in the equestrian industry for 30 years and have been a successful carriage driver for the last 13 years, but the best piece of advice I can give to anyone is “you never b constantly analyse my driving and keep improving because I keep open minded to modern technology like such as the equine mojo patches which genuinely keep my ponies in a trainable frame of mind at home and at competitions, I thoroughly recommend them to everyone.  Gareth Roberts.




Trilly — Slough

  Having been bowled over by the mojo at Windsor horseshow and buying four rubber wristbands and one silver one, I decided after speaking to you to buy the mojos for my yearling gelding. He had a problem at farrier time and was becoming quite dangerous with his back legs. Today Oscar was successfully trimmed all round which hasn't happened in six months. He messed around but wasn't scared, then gave up and stood for the farrier. Major thanks to you guys. Trying to get my liveries to now try them in competition on their spooky horses.


Pat Cunningham - Prize Winner

   Thank you Mojo Technologies for my prize of a silver Mojo bracelet. Having had a rubber bracelet for 2 years it is great to have a silver one too. I am a firm believer in the effect it has had on my balance, strength and general well being, all of which has improved my riding. I have the patches for my horse too and, at nearly 20, he is going so well.


Nikki Brandon — Sussex — Equicloth - from a sceptic

  Well I bought a mojo and wasn't really sure what to expect. We had our own theories on why the balance test worked! I run my own business and have 3 children, so I'm really busy. Since wearing the mojo I've had a lot more energy, I've been incredibly focused and have a lot more drive. I don't know if the mojo is responsible but I'm definitely not taking it off! I plan to get them for my two older sons, one of which is preparing for Exams and the other has cerebral palsy. It'll be interesting to see the results! 


Jayne carter — Derbyshire - Can't believe it

  I purchased a Mojo double at Equifest 2013 had the balance test done and was flabbergasted at result thought that the must be some sort of trickery involved, I have been wearing my Mojo for nearly a week now and I can honestly say that I've not experienced any back pain whatsoever since I have been wearing it, I fractured my back from a horse accident 3yrs ago I've never felt better its amazing, I've tried balance test on friends and family they can't believe it I'm so glad I went to Equifest this year and I can't thank you enough for making this product I don't know how it works even if its mind over matter I don't know but I'd definitely recommend everyone to get one xxxxx


Nick Hardy - Riding veteran mx bike

 hi bought a mojo wristband rode my 1979 Honda red rocket and rode it like its name iam 56 and rode like I was 25 again thanks mojo goin to get another one to ride even better thanks Nick 


Sheena Grierson — Oxford — morethanlivery - Farrier amazed

  For past 2 yrs my 25yr old pony has been difficult for the farrier to trim as an injury has affected his ability to lift his feet, particularly the hind ones, the farrier had resorted to propping him against the wall in order to help him balance. We learnt about Mojos whilst visiting Badminton Horse Trials and bought some horse patches and wrist bands for ourselves. The next day we put them on our pony and when we got him in not only could we pick his feet out, but he held them up for us in complete balance. We called the farrier the next day and he proceeded to trim the pony with no problems. He came out of the box and asked what kind of witchcraft we had used! We explained the Mojos and now he wants some! We have noticed huge benefits to our other horses and ourselves...


Nick Newton Williams - Back on track

 My father who is 82 has used a Mojo wristband for a year or so. I gave it to him for his leg which was giving him some problems. He remarked after a week or so how much better he felt. Recently I saw him walking through town limping and when I asked what the problem was he told me he had snapped his band and since his leg had been getting more stiff and painful. He now has a new one Mojo band and he is feeling more comfortable already. Fact!!



Alex King - Getting back on track

  I have suffered with knee pain for a few years now, which was limiting me playing sports. Unfortunately I now also suffer with back pain, due to a bad fall off a horse and also falling down stairs which landed me in hospital twice. I thought that I would never get back to playing as much sport or riding as I used to, at the age of 17 this is not good!! Since getting my mojo wrist band I have had great relief from the pain and I have started fitness training again, this was my best Christmas present! I'm looking forward to a pain free 2013 and to hopefully get back show jumping again. The service has been great as I had to exchange my wristband due to it not fitting. Excellent service, and I will definitely be recommending to everyone!! Thanks


Brett Wheeler - Dirt Jumpin'

 Rocking my mojo wristband feels so much better when dirt jumpin with them on. Def be wearing them at the contests this year! 


Barbara Maynard - The pain has 99% gone...

  I bought a Mojo wristband about 4 months ago, on the day I got it, I went to show it to my friend, my friend was going to Ireland that day, she has Parkinson's`s so I said to her I think you need this Mojo to help you with your trip, as she was not steady on her feet at the best of times due to the Parkinson's. Well I didn't get it back she wouldn't take it off, she was over the moon with it, she says she feels a lot steadier on her feet, and better in herself, so I bought another one, I have Arthritis in my knees and back, and found it hard to go up and down stairs, with every step  took pain would shoot through my knees,  Well I have not changed my diet at all, but  I bought a Mojo, and the pain in my knees and back has 99% gone I don't have any more trouble going up or down stairs now, thanks to my Mojo,  I have now purchased another two, another one for me, and one for my other friend.

 Thomas L. 3rd place elite/pro division Carlsbad triathlon 2010 — USA - The look on his face was priceless!!!

 I bought one for my father for Father's Day. He has not been able to lift his arms over his head since he had shoulder surgery 7 years ago. As soon as he put the bracelet on, his arms went straight over his head with NO pain! The look on his face was priceless!!!

Meredith L. — USA - My grandma is going CRAZY over the Mojo bracelet.

  My grandma is going CRAZY over the Mojo bracelet. She has had issues with balance and has been to three different doctors. I sent her a Mojo for her birthday and since wearing it for one day she can feel a major difference.

Shirly R. — USA - Pain & swelling from rheumatoid arthritis diminished so quickly.

  Thanks for a great product. My husband's pain and swelling from rheumatoid arthritis has diminished so quickly, especially since he started using the second band. So he wants more to see what that will do. Our efforts to get more bands quickly is to see if the pain can completely be conquered. If you have ever had severe pain, you will know why we are in a hurry!!


Heather Metcalf

Hi Simon, 

At HOYS I got talking to you about the MOJO and the effect it could have on certain horses to calm them down. 

We have a racing pony that is hyper and she doesn't box walk, she box gallops! Travelling to the races and being stabled there is a nightmare as she is literally running her race there and then before she even gets onto the racecourse. 

We attached the MOJO to her bridle in the week leading up to the finals at Aintree and travelled her in them as well as racing her in them. I must say that although it wasn't a miracle cure she certainly did appear much more settled and amenable. As it was her last race of the season we couldn't really follow it up but suffice to say that when she starts again next year she will be wearing them! Anything that can help us is a bonus and I believe that it did help and was a breakthrough and a calming influence.

Very many thanks for giving us this opportunity.



Andrew Smith - Porthcawl


As you know I was diagnosed with Parkinsons 2 years ago. It has effected the right side of body hugely and has been getting gradually worse. I've been unable to put my socks on in the morning as I cannot bend my knee, the pain in my knee and right hip has been almost constant and I have a tremor in my right arm and leg and my right wrist and fingers have been getting stiffer by the day and are gradually feeling as though they don't belong to me. 

I have been taking pain killers constantly just to get through the day and to be honest every day was a bit of a struggle. 72 hours with a MOJO on my wrist and I cant believe how different life is. The pain in my knees and my hip is now non existent, my wrist, hand and fingers feel like they belong to me again and I haven't taken one single pain killer since putting the band on. I cannot begin to tell you how it feels to just be able to hold a knife and fork without any pain. I can cross my legs where as I could hardly bend them before and putting my socks on is now just an everyday thing rather than a major painful task.

How it works? I don't know. Does it work? In my case I have to say undoubtedly, yes. I simply cant believe the difference. 

To anybody reading this that's sceptical, you really should try it, if it changes your life for the better by 1% its got to be worth it. For me, if it improved my pain and mobility one iota it would have been worth it, but the outcome is just incredible and I actually feel like I've got my life back. Thanks again Simon for all your help and advice, I really cant put into words what a massive difference it has made to my life and its only been 3 days. 



PFC Starling - US Army Cavalry Scout

Hey Mojo, 

I am a US Cavalry Scout in the US army, currently deployed in Iraq, today I am on leave at home, and I ran into one of your stands! I purchased a Band because my Absolute Disbelief in your product suddenly turned to pure support... I was wondering if Wearing More than one helps more, this band has helped me increase my workout, and My 18 hour work days no longer kill me. Also, Is there a way that These can be shipped to Iraq so my brothers might be able to try em?? I guarantee that if these soldiers love your product you will have one of the biggest testimony fields in the US.


Andrea - DHI Event Horses

Hi Simon

Hope you had a good trip to the USA. 

I just thought i would send you an update on the MOJO trial with the horses. We fitted 4 of our young horses with them this morning, each of which has a "young horse issue". We noticed a huge difference in 3 out of the 4 horses.

Rambo is a 4 year old who is stiff on his right hand side while being ridden, today there was no stiffness and a very even contact down the rein. We have also stitched one into his rug as he has an injury to a hind leg which means every morning it is swollen and this usually disappears with exercise, we will let you know how it is tomorrow!! 

Pompom is a 6 year old who is very suspicious and unwilling to move forward in a relaxed manner which lead to moments of panic and overreaction, today he was calm and forward thinking and was moving in a relaxed and balanced way. 

Marley is a 4 year old who can also be a little tense when first being mounted and ridden, today he was more relaxed and willing to think about the job he was doing. 

The forth horse Dolly is a mare who can be quite spooky and sensitive, we did not notice as much change in her but are waiting to see what happens over the next few days. 

We will keep a record of the progress and let you have the results. We are all still wearing our MOJOS and are very happy with them, Heidi fell off the other day and had a very sore ankle and knee and could hardly bear weight but by the morning she could hardly feel it, also her back is still really good whereas before she could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I have recently had an operation and found with the MOJO i needed very little pain relief after and my recovery time was very quick. We are still amazed with them and find it hard not to question how it works and if it is in our minds, but all we know is it seems to be working!!! We were having a chat about the fixings for the horse one and wondered if there was a way to use a velcro type fastening so they can be fitted to legs and bodies with out a problem, just a thought? 

I look forward to speaking with you soon and if you are ever in the north it would be great to meet and show you the MOJOS in action.



Joy Maclean - Horse Rider

I have been trialling the equine mojos. It has been very interesting. I have a dressage horse, who is very spooky in the arena on a daily basis. He is competing at Advanced Medium level.

I put one Mojo on each check piece. He didn't spook at all. I could feel him looking but was apparently unable to spook. He was very rideable but perhaps lacked enough impulsion or sparkle for the actual competitions.

A livery has a horse that is a pain in the stable, he kicks and bangs the door. I put the mojos on the halter and he stood quietly in the stable.

Another horse was extremely irritable when the physio was treating her. This time I put the mojos on her halter. The physio said the mare was much better to treat this time.

On a personal note. I was involved in a car accident nearly 4 years ago. Some of the medication I take (though in a very low dosage) affects my balance especially after dark. The mojo counteracts that side effect for which I am truly grateful.

I also was finding I was getting pins and needles and numbness in my right thumb, first and second fingers. Since wearing the Mojo on my right hand I virtually never have even a hint of pins and needles or numbness. The sleep product would be really interesting to try.

I look forward to chatting again.

Glad to hear Burghley Horse Trials went so well.

Joy Maclean



Stuart Matthews - Former BBC Superstars winner, former national surfing coach and international sprinter

I have had a career in international sports for 40 years. So, when I became disabled six years ago my athletic activities were, to say the least, curtailed. When I was introduced to the MOJO band I was sceptical (as I am with many things). How wrong I was! I now have better balance. I feel generally better, and - while the pain remains - I feel more 'centred' and able to deal with my leg problem in a much more positive way. My MOJO has not just helped physically, more importantly it has helped my confidence, and to continue to push myself to get close to the performances I used to be capable of. I returned only last week from a skiing trip and felt better than I have done for six years. I can only put this down to my MOJO band. Although I can never return to what I was capable six years ago, I do sincerely believe my MOJO has returned... perhaps not fully... but you cannot have your MOJO BAND BACK! It is mine for life.

Stuart Matthews


Rory Elliot - After two days of wearing the Mojo the pain went away.

 How do you prove the effects of the Mojo to other people? When I was introduced to the band I had a trapped nerve in my back from lugging the piano across London. I had at least one day off work with it and the odd afternoon getting scans or seeing my remarkably uninterested GP. The problem wasn't going away and after three weeks I was facing spending hundreds on a chiropractor and more time off work.
After two days of wearing the Mojo band the pain went away.
However, the most outstanding piece of evidence was when I met a lady who had been medically retired for 18 years, suffering from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and Menageries disease (similar to having constant vertigo and motion sickness).
A quick balance and strength test showed that the band immediately worked a treat. She wore it overnight to see what effects it may have and for the first time in 18 years she woke up without feeling sick or dizzy - she was in tears she was happy. I took it back and told her to get her own!


Sue Worcester - Pain disappeared after years of suffering.

  I would like to thank you for introducing the Mojo to me, I have given one to my father who had a stroke a year ago and is now bed ridden and cannot move. 10 Days after wearing the Mojo the nurses (who did not know he had the Mojo on) commented on how relaxed my dad had become. This made him much easier to move. My mother also commented that dad had started on the odd occasion moving his legs by straightening them out himself, this is something that caused him great pain. My mother stole the Mojo for a day as she has had a constant pain in her thumb, after wearing it she found the pain had disappeared after years of suffering, if she took it off the pain came back, I now need another Mojo for my Dad as Mum will not take it off!! cheers

Ann Watcyn Pugh - It has restored my balance...


 After having been a passenger in a car accident in 1995 (impact at 70mph, unconscious for 2 weeks, Intensive Care for 2 weeks, one wheelchair and 2 crutches later) my main problem after having learned to walk again was my lack of balance. I struggled with it for 15 years before I came across this. I even moved to a ground floor flat as tackling the stairs was such a nightmare! When wearing it I can walk up and down stairs without holding on, easily stand on one leg etc. It makes me giggle as it works unbelievably well. I am so grateful for this. It has restored my balance and taken most of the fear of heights out of my daily life. Highly recommended.

Mark Petts - I would recommend this product to anyone.


I must admit when I listened to the sales pitch I was very sceptical but following the balance demonstrations I had to try one out.
I've no idea how it works but it's worked wonders for me.
In the past I've crashed bikes better than I've ridden them and therefore suffer from various aches and pains; most notable is my left ankle which suffers from post traumatic arthritis. Since wearing the bracelet I've noticed a vast improvement in how I feel.
People have said that it's all in the mind but to be honest, if it's a placebo effect I don't care, it's working for me.
I've done the balance demonstration with anyone who has shown interest in the bracelet and it's not failed once to baffle whoever I've demonstrated it to.
I would recommend this product to anyone.

 Michelle Roberts - Fantastic Results


We purchased a Mojo Double Hologram wristband at The Gadget Show live at the NEC Birmingham this year.
My 9 year old son 'Shay', who has cerebral Palsy, has been wearing it ever since, and has achieved some fantastic results. He has also managed to stay upright, without a single serious  fall, which is amazing in itself.
We really feel that the benefits are immense.