Airy Vest: The World’s Lightest Reversible Dog Jacket Pink & Purple

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AiryVest apparel provides a great combination of style and function so your pup will look fashionable while keeping warm. Perfect for dogs that like to stand out from the crowd. Please see size guide below

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This dog vest is designed for athletic dogs that are going to be running, jumping and adventuring in inclement weather. Therefore, it is more fitted apparel, allowing your pup to move freely.

It does not cover the entire length of most dogs and is designed to keep a dog warm and dry.

AiryVest сonstruction allows to easily access your pup’s collar to attach a leash.

XS22 8-9 13-14 7-8 toy terrier, chihuahua
XS25 9-10 14-15 11-12 yorkshire terrier, toy terrier, chihuahua
XS30 11-12 17-18 12-13 yorkshire terrier, chihuahua, dachshund, poodle
S30 11-12 22-23 18-20 pug, french bulldog, pekingese
S35 13-14 17-18 12-14 miniature pinscher, chinese crested, grifon, poodle
S40 15-16 20-21 13-15 west highland, jack russell, poodle, cocker spaniel
M40 15-16 25-26 15-16 french bulldog, english bulldog, boston terrier
M45 16-17 24-25 14-15 beagle, cocker spaniel, dachshund
M47 17-18 27-28 16-17 cocker spaniel, border collie, whippet
M50 18-20 30-31 22-24 english bulldog, shar pei, pit bull terrier
L55 20-22 30-31 20-22 stafford terrier, labrador retriever
L65 24-26 34-35 24-26 rottweiler, german shepherd, labrador retriever, cane corso


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