Blue Oxford Comfort Cocoon (Foam)

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Deluxe Cocoon bed

  • High Quality 600 denier oxford fabric covering the whole bed.
  • Thickly padded bolster pillow
  • Luxurious Hard-wearing double-sided faux fur that is exceedingly soft to touch
  • Water resistant + Fur repellent oxford fabric (easily wiped down)
  • Fully machine washable outer for maximum convenience
  • Perfect For those dogs who snuggle, pinch blankets, sneak into bed and hijack the sofa.
  • Perfect For those dogs who snuggle, pinch blankets, sneak into bed and hijack the sofa.
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  • The Collared Creatures Deluxe Cocoon Cave Bed In Grey Is a Collared Creatures exclusive design, you won’t find these beds anywhere else.
  • True Style & comfort for your dog and your living room!
  • We design all our beds and select our fabrics with the intention of creating beds to complement the home.
  • The Deluxe Cocoon Bed is known for it’s a thick tubular bolster pillow that creates a ring of supported comfort. This bed is also made from the highest quality handpicked fabrics. The Outer is a Grey wool mix that creates a hardwearing hood while still looking attractive.
  • The Internal of the Cocoon Bed is lined with a luxury Faux Fur Fabric. Soft to touch but made to last. Unlike the original cocoon, the deluxe cocoon has a high quality 600 denier oxford fabric that is durable and water resistant. Oxford fabric is a very closely-knit fibre which creates a hair repellent like surface, making it suitable for wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Another addition to the Deluxe cocoon is a removable 10 cm solid foam pillow, this essentially can act as a separate bed and is easily removed. The Deluxe cocoon comes with a removable tube, this is intended to be used as an aid for familiarising your dog entering, but the bed is sold as a flat cocoon.
  • The Deluxe Cocoon Cave bed is not only beautifully comfortable it’s also hard wearing and practical.

Washing instructions

The tubing in the hood must be removed before washing and reinserted after it is dried. Washing cover with tubing may cause the cover to tear.

Bed Sizes

  • Small: Diameter 500mm, 20inch – suited to small toy breeds like chihuahuas and pugs.
  • Medium: Diameter 750 mm, 30in inch – suited to smaller breeds, Jack Russells, Shih Tzu,  Daschund and Yorkshire terriers.
  • Large: Diameter 900mm, 35 inch – suited to medium-sized breeds, Beagles, small-to- to medium sized Vizslas, Spaniels, Whippets, Staffordshire bull terriers. Small to medium Gsp’s.
  • Extra Large: Diameter 1100mm, 43in – suited to bigger breeds or two dogs sharing, large Weimaraner, larger Vizslas, Greyhounds, larger GSP’s and German Shepherds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks.


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