Mojo Advantage Elite 8″ – Purple / White

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  • Name – The Mojo Elite 8″ Double Disc wristband
  • Construction – Silicone
  • Colour – Purple / white
  • Warranty – 6 month warranty
  • Waterproof – Yes

With each band, you will receive a six-month warranty against breakage and manufacturing issues.

Your warranty will relate to the band you order having the colour, size and date of your order handwritten on your slip.

“PLEASE RETAIN” as we can only accept a return with your warranty slip enclosed.

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7 reviews for Mojo Advantage Elite 8″ – Purple / White

  1. Lesley Sayers

    Bought one at HOYs 2019, absolutely brilliant product

  2. Katherine

    I’ve worn a mojo band for years (1st one bought at Olympia 11 years ago just after my RA diagnosis). I’m absolutely convinced it helps with my various aches and pains; so much so that all my family now wear them and I’ve bought them as presents for my godchildren too. Next purchase planned is one for a tricky horse!

  3. Kate de Boorder

    I have been wearing MOJO bands for many years now having been a migraine sufferer all my life. I have also just undergone several rounds of IVF and I strongly believe my band helped me have the energy to carry on with my normal life throughout. Would never be without my band now and I believe this is about my 7th band. My last order the colour I wanted wasn’t in stock, one quick email and the very helpful staff updated the stock list and got it posted to me super fast. My horse also has responded well to his MOJO patches bring much more relaxed on our rides out.

  4. Rhiannon Fraser

    I have been a Mojo wearer for nearly nine years and wouldn’t be without it


    I have been wearing a MOJO band now for around 3 years. I had an extremely painful hip and although my husband and I walk miles and miles I was in so much pain I couldn’t do it any more. My husband bought the first MOJO and I must admit I thought what on earth is he thinking. The next morning I asked my husband if he felt any differently and he thought possibly not, although he now thinks they are amazing. When he asked if I felt any differently after having worn it for an afternoon and overnight I actually said I really did think it was working. After a very short time I could start walking as I always had, walking to join our friends instead of driving, all the things I had always done. I do get odd twinges and find myself talking to my MOJO. I am now on my third MOJO and on the rare occasion that I have removed it, for my daughters wedding, I really noticed the difference. We have recommended them to all our friends and quite a few have bought them, we will carry on recommending them. Amazing item. Thank you.

  6. Donna Simpson

    I saw these at Burghley horse trials after being diagnosed with ME earlier in the year, i was struggling with terrible vertigo and dizziness especially when riding. Did not think they would work bit would give a try, well a MOJO has not left my wrist in all these years i cant live without it!! All my symptoms disapeared and i felt so much better, someone once asked me what is it like without it, answer is i am not going to find out!!

  7. Paige Roberts

    I love my Mojo band! I call it my magic miracle band because it has helped my with so many things:
    Reduced pain (headaches, joint aches and pains, side effects of having joint hypermobility syndrome etc) ✅
    Travel sickness✅
    Even helping sort my sleep pattern out and reducing the insomnia I can as suffering with (don’t know if it’s through no longer being in so much pain, or if it’s something else that the mojo has solved, or if it’s just a coincidence, but I like to believe it is my mojo band!) ✅

    Got mine 2 years ago at HOYS and it’s still going strong. I’d been begging to get one for months before that and it’s definitely lived up to the hype. My gran is very sceptical but even she couldn’t argue with it when she watched me go through the “test” with it. Now my mum has one after borrowing mine to see if it really did reduce pains and she wouldn’t be without it. I also purchased one for my grandad to help with his balance and it has also been helping mitigate some of the symptoms of his Alzheimer’s, especially the shaking. I am slowly converting my whole extended family and getting them to purchase them and everyone who has tried so far absolutely loves it! No matter what injury/illness/inconvenience you suffer from Mojo truly seems to help! Don’t know how I would cope without mine! Next on the list is possibly getting something for the horses and seeing how it helps them too- I’m sure it will be brilliant!

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