Deluxe Horse Pastern Wraps


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Waterproof and Durable

Designed for Balance, Energy and Strength

Give your horse the Mojo advantage

  • Joint care & Wellbeing
  • Accelerate healing process
  • Protection from collision
  • Easy to fit & maintain
  • Creates no heat
  • Complementary device
  • Used by the world’s best
  • Suitable for 24/7 use

Deluxe pastern wraps

The Deluxe pastern wraps by Mojoeurope are not just designed to help protect your horse from a collisions or bruising in the pastern area that bandages will not cover.

They are designed to help protect against poles and fences the added bonus is each wrap has MOJOs technology inside, helping stimulate Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to help speed up the healing process. Soft neoprene makes these comfortable with the outside being rubber to offer protection including an air vented system.

A double hook and loop locking fastening ensures that these will stay on.

Sold in pairs with vented bag to keep your wraps safe

Deluxe pastern wraps

Shown to stimulate Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)

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Mojo for Professionals

Mojo is used by the very Top athletes from Olympians to Grand national winning trainers and their horses.

Since using and understanding MOJO,we have noticed a difference in certain horses performance, recovery and pre and post race behaviour.

Lemony Bay and Rayvin Black get quite fractious travelling and pre- race so wear constantly. Many clouds and Puffin Billy use them to help concentrate on the big occasions.

Even our staff wear the wristbands to aid niggles and energy levels.

I would recommend using MOJO to keep ahead of the stresses and strains which come with horse racing

Oliver sherwood 2015

Testimonial prior to the BHA banning mojos for horse racing in the U.K.

I was really worried about them as Morgan will literally pull and bite off anything that goes around his legs, so I was excited to try them but was so scared incase he pulled them off within 5 minutes! Well, he has never even attempted to pull them off! Which must show how comfortable they are on him considering these are the first things that he hasn’t pulled off.

The Velcro is super grippy so you don’t have to worry about it undoing either! And you can feel and see the quality of these wraps straight away!

Morgan wears these wraps on his front legs, to help with his Coffin Joint arthritis. And WOW, I have noticed a huge improvement with him.

Yasmin Holliday

About Therapeutic Horse Wraps

Mojo horse wraps are programmed to work with the horses’ natural bodies frequencies to help benefit balance, energy and general well-being.

Usage Guidance

They can be worn around either fore or hind legs and above or below the fetlock joint.

When turned out in wet and muddy conditions the wraps should be placed high above the fetlock or removed.

Can be worn 24/7

The same technology is within the horse wrap as in the MOJO wristbands

Sold in pairs with a vented bag

Wrapped around either fore or hind legs and above or placed below the fetlock joint. When turned out for long periods of time the bands should be placed above the fetlock or removed.

A few layers of vet-wrap over the top can be used if turned out in soft muddy conditions.

More Information

MOJOs have been tested by Dr Mark Bull P.H.D. Leading professor in sentimental bodily moment and body bio mechanics. full study here MOJO study

MOJO HORSE WRAPS should be used alongside prescribed medications and not as a substitute.


  • Durable fabric material with hook and loop fastenings
  • Thermoplastic holographic discs

These Wraps can help

  • Windgalls
  • Arthritis
  • Lymphangitis
  • Filled Legs
  • Recovery
  • Balance