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Laptop Filter Protect

Can be used on devices such as tablets, iPads, Wi-Fi Routers, Bluetooth Transmitters, Smart Meters, Smart Televisions, Gaming Devices, Earphones, or any radiation-emitting devices


About the Protect - Computer Filter

We are the first to show that our Protect Filter stimulates the production process of Adenosine Triphosphate ( ATP ) in our body, ATP provides energy to drive many processes in living cells

We are always in a 2.4 GHz field or higher you cannot block this field.

What we are doing is modulating the high frequency signal with healthy programming.

This is an irrefutable Adenosine Triphosphate ( ATP) test with water.

Within 10 minutes of the Protect Filter placed under a Pyrex beaker. We were able to raise the (ATP) from a 663 RLU/ATP baseline to 8173 RLU/ATP an increase of 12x for better cell vitality.

We are 70% water, so the high frequency will affect the water in all of us.

ATP can help with Digestive Support, Joint Health, Heart Function and Energy

How to Use

The Protect Filter comes as a single disk and is fitted on the top-side of your laptop, the product is thin allowing you to still properly close your laptop

Protect Filter Materials

  • Mylar Disc

Protect Filter Features

  • Stimulates the production process of Adenosine Triphosphate ( ATP)
  • Filters the harmful portion of the RF signal

Australian Testing of our protect filters

By Juergen Schmidt, author of "Hidden Forces of Nature"


Before Protect Filter

RF Reduction

% Reduction

RF from LED computer screen

350 microwatts per sq. metre

349.3 microwatts


Electrical Field from LED Computer screen

1600 v/m — E field

1515 v/m E field



6.5 milligauss — H field

6.3 milligauss H Field


RF: Mobile Phone — iPhone

Microwatts per sq. metre 168

167.75 Microwatts



ELF field, carrier wave 13mg