EMF Protect - Phone Filters

About the EMF Protect - Phone Filter

Help protect Yourself Against Harmful Radiation Today... Today, research indicates there may be significant damage from radiation including brain cancer from using mobile phones. The danger is greatest for young people. They use mobile phones to talk and send text messages all the time and the more you use your mobile phone the more you are at risk.

Researchers believe that the microwave radiation from mobile phones interacts with the water in your brain to create electrical vortexes, and research shows that EEG signals are significantly changed when you use a mobile phone, even if you just carry it. Studies have also shown that mobile phones can heat your brain just like a microwave oven heats food.

We are the first to show that our Protect Filter stimulates the production process of Adenosine Triphosphate ( ATP ) in our body, ATP provides energy to drive many processes in living cells

We are always in a 2.4 GHz field or higher you cannot block this field.

What we are doing is modulating the high frequency signal with healthy programming.

This is an irrefutable Adenosine Triphosphate ( ATP) test with water.

Within 10 minutes of the Protect Filter placed under a Pyrex beaker. We were able to raise the (ATP) from a 663 RLU/ATP baseline to 8173 RLU/ATP an increase of 12x for better cell vitality.

We are 70% water, so the high frequency will affect the water in all of us.

ATP can help with Digestive Support, Joint Health, Heart Function and Energy

What’s on your Phone!

How does it work?

Using the proprietary technology developed over the course of 15 years, we're able to combat the negative side effects of electro-pollution.

How to Use

The Protect Filter comes as a pair and each strip is fitted over the antenna of your mobile phone, the product is thin allowing you to still have your favourite case on your phone. We advise a phone case that way your filters will be protected

Beware of fakes!

  • Cheap imitations are available online that claim to 'block' or 'shield'
  • If signals are blocked you can't use your phone!
  • We filter the harmful portion of the RF signal without effecting the transmitted information and we modulate healthy scalar imprinted information on the carrier wave to boot.

Protect Filter Materials

  • Mylar Disc

Protect Filter Features

  • Filters the harmful portion of the RF signal