I brought mine from Windsor horse show I was under a specialist at the hospital re operation on my wrist after wearing my mojo never looked back no more pain the doctor was in shock wow factor

Victoria Axten Beldom

Amazing really work! Love this really helps.

Anya Hodgson-Peers

Mojo has improved my stability and balance riding especially when jumping – love it!

Anne White Sinclair

Having worn my MOJO for almost 4 years now, the only problem I had was 2 years ago when suddenly, for no reason, my left knee was unbearably painful. I’ve had a scan, arthroscopy etc and they tell me I need a bilateral meniscectomy on my left knee …… 6 weeks non-weight bearing following the op!!!!!!! Bugger that, so I got me a MOJO & ‘shut the front door’ NO PAIN!!! When the pain returned 2 years ago, I checked the hologram on my band & it had turned brown. Immediately bought a new one & knee pain resolved. This has happened once since, so I now keep a spare band in my drawer in case I get pain & haven’t noticed the depletion of the band.
Now for the AMAZING bit …….my beloved Labrador has chronic Cruciate Ligament Disease. I’ve spent hundreds (if not thousands trying to cure / treat this disease. Spoke to staff at RWAS k0this week & he honestly told me ‘we can’t cure your dog, but what do you have to lose?
Fat-Lab is no longer on 3 legs after sofa-surfing and is happy to go out on ever-longer walks. You can explain to a person the benefits of a MOJO ……..but how do you explain it to a DOG who has no concept of “placebo effects” yet still improves with every passing day????
I will be forever thankful xx xx

Carol Furlong

Fabulous results. So much so I now have one on each wrist!

Michelle Ross

I love them. I am on my second one and I wouldn’t use anything else so so versatile.

Vicky Townsend-Brown

My daughter has ME and really feels her band helps her every day as well as with her riding – replaced her worn out one with a new one at HOYS – many thanks

Fiona Helen Longley

Amazing!!! I wasn’t convinced but I tried them on my horse and he used to be an awful traveller. I tried forward facing, backwards, sideways, lorry and trailer and he would always stomping around never eating and would be trembling and sweating even after a short journey. I now put these on before travel and have travelled him over three hours, he’s so chilled and will eat his hay, doesn’t stomp around anymore, he’s like a new horse and he even loads better. Loading used to be so stressful and now he loads himself. Very happy with how they have helped him.

Gem Morriss

Between myself, sister, other half, children, friends and pets we all use and depend on our Mojo Wristbands and patches and I would just like to say how impressive Mojo wristband and Patches have been. I was devestated when the latest wristband developed a fault. I made contact with Becky at H O and she told me what I needed to do. So I happily sent the parcel back. Next day I received an email telling me Becky had my parcel but I had forgotten to include a home address! Having gotten over the embarrassment I emailed it right back and the very next day, the postman delivered a shiny new wristband.
So not only are Mojo Wristbands brilliant, the office crew are even better. Thank you for a brilliant service and helping a forgetful lady out.

Dawn Swainson

I am not a sportsperson but an everyday mum with severe leg problems. I have had 16 operations on my left leg including ACL reconstruction/s, a tibial osteotomy and 2 total knee replacements. These ops have left me with bad balance problems – so would a Mojo work? Persuaded by friends to buy one I felt quite sceptical when I purchased my first Mojo bracelet back at Badminton Horse Trials in May 2018. I can’t say I noticed much when wearing it a few weeks; so, was it working? I think we can say “Yes, the reason being…” (bear with me here) … I broke my Mojo bracelet (not good I hear you say – it was too tight a fit and I snapped it taking it off in the hot weather, I recommend you buy a little larger if you wish to remove it occasionally). Mojo were amazingly helpful in providing a replacement. However, whilst without with my Mojo I had two bad falls due to my balance: Once I stumbled on uneven ground and the latter I was climbing a fence and toppled over landing badly on to a concrete floor. It was then my family/friends commented on the fact that I hadn’t had any falls when wearing my Mojo. I am now back wearing my replacement Mojo bracelet and 3 weeks later still no falls. I am not sure how it is working; I really can’t imagine it is a placebo effect, but it is helping me, so I am now a Mojo convert and would not want to be without it.

Trudi Salmon

I have felt better since buying and wearing a Mojoeurope my balance has been 100percent better so that has made my horse riding 100percent better I will definitely be buying another one.

Christopher Heard

I bought a Mojo at a horse show after a balance demonstration about 15 months ago. Two people in our group already had them. One swore by it for balance when riding and the other for back pain so i thought I’d give it a go. Within a couple of days, back pain I’d had for years, following a fall when riding, completely disappeared until about two weeks ago. The pain was waking me at night and causing me to take pain killers throughout the day. The disks on my Mojo looked like they were disintegrating so I emailed them and they said that I probably needed a new one. After two days of wearing my new Mojo my back pain has again disappeared!

It’s difficult to believe, or even understand how it works, but it certainly does!

Ange Pange

100% recommend this product!

Laura Evans

Sceptically bought one at Bramham last week. Rode my horse the next day. Struck me that I didn’t have my usual knee pain at 45 mins in. My riding partner in crime said that I was the most level she had seen! Don’t think I’ll be taking it off any time soon!

Anna Bird

I use mojos on my new forest pony can’t believe the results she wears them all the time and in 3 weeks she stopped pacing the field fence and now lays in the field eating and has doubled her body weight!!! incredible!!! she wears them to compete and now no longer needs earplugs!! she is just a chilled pony soo nice to work with now!!!!!

Jane Burton

Did the strength tests which were swayed me to try this. Within 24hrs energy levels up and chronic backache gone. I then lent the band to a triathlete client as had pain in the leg but had to go get it back within 12hrs back pain back!!! Pain gone within 2hrs of putting band back on. Thoroughly recommend

Georgia Barnes

As a farrier I have found mojos beneficial to myself and the horses I’ve worked on, with brilliant results on those horses that are none keen on keeping hoofs on ground whilst being shod plus seems to help with limb flexibility. Just need a farrier proof band. Bizarrely brilliant.

Guy Sheffield

Had my mojo on for 3 days now , can’t believe how much more energy I’ve got & my joint aches haven’t compleatly gone but last night is the first time I’ve been comfortable enough to sleep , for ages

Judy Blackman

I suffer with fibromyalgia and this AMAZING product helps with all the symptoms – I’d tried a number of ‘ balance bands’ before & frankly they were rubbish.

I was handed one by a friend, told to wear it for the weekend & report back – also told NOT to google about it! (This is how I get newbies to try it too)
The difference in my pain levels, aching, fatigue, brain fog, muscle twitches & spasms & energy levels that weekend blew me away, and I’ve worn one ever since – to the point where I even refuse to remove it for surgery!

I just find it funny that looking down your reviews list are at least 6 reviews from people who I introduced to the bands.

I’ve also used the bands with my cats and dog, and the patches with my horses – wouldn’t be without them.

Jo Bialan

I have remained a more positive person despite some testing times throughout 2014. I have had less osteo treatments & my recovery rate after injury or extreme physical activity or long hours has been noticeably better since wearing my Mojo futuretech band.

Melissa Richardson

I wear my mojo band all the time and was so impressed I bought my horse a band – the difference was incredible – he can be a bit of a headstrong teenager but once the band is in place he listens concentrates and and is much calmer – happy horse happy me!

Louise Betty Rowe

Hi, I got my Mojo band on Saturday at Osberton. I never believed on this stuff before my god I am converted. some results have been instant, shoulder pain reduced to about 10% when I was in genuine agony at times, my spine does not ache anymore I can get it straight when I am driving for example with no ache at all. My focus at work has had a massive improvement , I feel genuinely stronger and like I don’t mind going on on whatever task I am doing, work has been hard today with a few problems thrown in which I have incredibly calmly took on my stride. I cannot wait to see what other results will come in the future. Thank you so much ! Frank (the Spanish guy that plays golf)

Siscu Tiger Pons

So I discovered these wrist bands at Llanymanech horse trials, and I was sceptical at first! However after being demonstrated the “balance” test I was amazed at the difference within myself, I felt stronger and more balanced. How can a wrist band do that? We are all now wearing one at #teambiggs and we love them, the most noticed improvement is by Dan our visually impaired Para Dressage rider, he rode in his for the first time today and was much more balanced and co-ordinated which is something he usually struggles with.
I highly recommend these … I’ve had mine on for 2 weeks now and I haven’t had a head ache since wearing it! (Amazing for me as I am a migraine sufferer.)

Eleanor Biggs

Would not be without my mojos. I have a horse who finds traveling difficult now I put mojos inside his front boots and on his head collar and he doesn’t move!! Fab product can’t wait for your new ideas to come out

Lowri Angharad

I got my other half a mojo band at Burghley this year, he does a lot of car racing and thought, after all, I heard from the talk of mojo this would help him in so many ways !!! He never takes it off now and wouldn’t be without it, the service from mojo is second to none as I had to get in touch and solved my problem straight away!!! I can’t wait to go to get myself one at Xmas !!!!! X

Kelly Wilson

Oh my God! I used the Equine patches on velvet today. I put them on 1.5hrs before travelling just to be sure she had had them on for a decent length of time and I did not hear a peep out of her. She was so much more relaxed and stood like a normal horse. Thank you so much!!!! I will be telling all my clients with quirky horses to buy their horses some patches. Will definitely make my life easier

Also I’m not ashamed to say that sitting on a horse that spooks sideways has never been my strong point. Well today I genuinely think that if I hadn’t been wearing my mojo I would of been sat on the floor with a rather sore bottom lol. Thanks again!!!

Mallory Gibbons

Bought mine for the other half who suffered from ‘runners knee’ but he wouldn’t entertain it. Wore it myself instead and found it eased my sciatica and back pain I’ve suffered from since having my little girl 4 years ago however I only realised after I took it off for a week and the pain came back. Put it back on and pain went again. Have recommended it to a few friends too! Would love to know if any sufferers with gout have found benefits as my dad is getting one for Christmas for this reason lol

Elisabeth Turnbull

I have fibromyalgia and before I bought my Mojo bracelet, I found the pain and fatigue was really taking it out off me. Within a few weeks of wearing it, the pain is so much more manageable. As for the fatigue, wow I have energy! I strongly recommend you use them.

Michaela Montgomery

Normally I am sceptical about this sort of thing, however after having a balance demonstration at Burghley horse trials recently I decided to give one a go. I suffer with frequent attacks of vertigo and nearly always have symptoms. Within an hour of putting my wristband on I felt so much better, more focused and more balanced with less dizziness and nausea. The following day I went riding my horse and felt so much more balanced and had the best schooling session ever. I have decided to purchase the equestrian version and give that a go too. Mojo gets my vote 100% best purchase I have ever made.

Amy-Louise Swatman

I can honestly say that wearing my band for the last 4 weeks has kept the migraines I have been suffering at bay. Having suffered from them 3 or 4 times a week for years I have only had 1 since wearing the band…even in this very hot weather. Aches and pains that are normally a daily occurrence have also been greatly reduced. Highly recommend.

Claire Cook

Me and my daughter both got a mojo band at bishop Burton other week end , being the sceptical one I am thought no chance but after my daughter took me too see ur stand n simple test later thought why not , now after many months ov annoying shoulder pain n tennis elbow band has def eased annoying pain n movement too , after trying various sprays n supports too no avail . Def wud recommend too anyone too try one as it def helped myself.

Hamish Peters

I brought my mojo band at horse of the year show, I was a little unsure if it was going to work while riding or just in general. This band is amazing!
It not only helps with my balance but it also helps with headaches.
There were some reviews about helping in some chases with head aches but OMG.
I have had this now just over 1 month and in that time I have had 2 head aches I went through a stage where I would get at least 2 weeks .
This has kept them away and me more focused. The two times I got head aces guess what I was not wearing my band both times I took it off while I was sleeping as I don’t like things around me while sleeping and I woke to the worst head ace you couldn’t even imagine after putting the band back on while half hour my head was clear this was without even taking pain relief.
So I thank you for this amazing product

Nathan Reeves

These were recommended by a friend Sophie Spiteri, whom I believe you sponsor, I have one for myself and some for my horse. People have commented how much calmer and less likely to fly off the handle I am and I do find myself being less stressy and able to cope with stressy situations a lot easier.
As for my horse, he doesn’t cope well with change or something he’s not done before, can be very nappy and spooky. I used Mojo’s on him to go on a fun ride for the travelling and the ride as neither of us had been out before and he behaved brilliantly, lot better than I was expecting, I turned him out overnight with them on as it was the first time he’d worn them, this week we have had the farrier, put them on for a couple of hours before he came and he stood like a lamb, he is normally fidgety, can snatch his legs away and generally do a couple of laps of the yard during shoeing. I now use them for riding out in putting them on the headcollar whilst catching and brushing and then transfer them to the bridle and he is happy to go in front quite a bit when going out in company which is something he has never done before. Would 100% recommend.

Debbie Pickford

Hi I brought my mojo at horse of the year show after thinking about it since last badminton!! After my cynical farrier got one I took the plunge. I wish I had done it sooner. I have ME and although I still get on and do things I used to experience terrible crashes in my energy levels meaning I’d lose days to resting since wearing my mojo I’m by no means cured but I can push myself and bit further without crashing and my recovery is so much better. I did have disturbed sleep for a few weeks but even then I was able to carry on my regular work/horse days. Thank you mojo I only wish I’d gone for it earlier.

Amanda Rose

After wearing my Mojo for a year I want to say what a life changing little gem it is.

I am a novice rider with poor balance, I notice a dramatic different with my riding, balance and confidence. My relationship between me and my horse changed too, I trust him completely.

I did take the band off for a week to “see” any changes, I noticed a few things like been sluggish and sorry to say I had 2 glasses of wine and a horrific hangover!

I groom dogs for a living and I have noticed that I have the ASBO dogs that no one else can groom, they are completely different when with me. I used the band on my little dog as she cramps in her hamstring when competing at flyball, the band has stopped her hopping and struggling.

My mum has Motor Neuron disease and I ordered her one, we really do think the band has slowed some of the symptoms down.
I love my band and would be lost without it, I strongly believe in this band and makes me feel amazing…would highly recommend to any novice rider or dog groomer, the possibilities are endless!

Thank you Mojo x

Lea Jakeman

I purchased my first mojo band yesterday and I can’t recommend it enough, I was suffering with back and hip pains and tiredness from lack of sleep and this morning I feel great I’ve had the best nights sleep in 5 years! And my aches and pains aren’t there anymore I feel like I’m back in balance with my self and I love it thank you Mojo.

Sammyantha Lambe

I have suffered from restless legs syndrome (affects entire body) for over a year and have had my mojo band for just over 2 months, it is the best thing I have every bought my restlessness has stopped. I still get the odd twinges but nothing as severe as I used to would highly recommend it!!!!

Lexy Sandford

I bought one at Bramham Horse Trials on Saturday. From putting it on it had an effect as I managed to walk around the entire xc course without having any need to sit down for my back pain! I went out then last night and was dancing all night and woke up today able to just jump out of bed and get on with it as the easing of my pain had such an impact!

Emily Louise Ashworth

Four or so years ago I was riding my horse and took a bit of a tumble! Down the line I suffered with horrible pain to my hip joint and I found it became increasingly worse the longer I rode, in the colder weather, taking a larger stride then normal, any activity that causes my leg to be out of its normal position. Sometimes I can’t bend to put a shoe on and off, sometimes I can’t walk up stairs. I’ve had physio which seems to give me a short term relief from it, but then it comes back and I’m back in pain again and unable to walk very well. I purchased my MOJO in August at Equifest, and so far (touch wood) the pain I’ve had especially this time of year for the past four years has disappeared and I really do think it’s to do with my MOJO… coincidently, I haven’t fallen off riding since wearing it, whether I’m used to her antics now after 8 years or whether it’s the MOJO, who knows? But I do know it’s helped me with my hip pain, so thanks to those at team MOJO!

Hollie-India Boxall

I have bought my Mojo at Burghley and I have not looked back. I suffer from Osteoarthritis and my Mojo is helping me with my pain. I also have got more energy and my balance has improved. And to top it all I have lost some weight without being on a diet. Thank You Mojo.

Sabine Hardy

Absolutely amazed!! My son has Tourette syndrome,ADHD,ASD and has balance issues so I brought him a Mojo bracelet last year and I was amazed at how much it’s helped with his tics, simple things like being able to drink a drink without having to have a lid and throwing it at himself, I was a skeptic but seeing it for myself I cannot get the word out about these enough!!

And my 2 year old Dog has epilepsy and has had her patch for a few days and she’s got her spring back and is loving life again

Justine Seldon

I have worn my Mojo for a few years now and updated it at Badminton – I amazed my physio when I stood perfectly on one leg! But at Barbury HT I got one for my 17 year old terrier and in a week we have seen a difference in her – she is still old and doddery (like her Mum!) but so much improved! Thank you

June Stagg

Absolutely love my band. I wasn’t sure if they going to work but after I did the test at Royal Welsh this year I couldn’t believe it so I got one. I pulled ligaments in my one knee twice so when riding especially when training the racehorse afterwards or sometimes while I was riding my knee would really ache and I would struggle to get of without my knee giving way. But this band has helped me so much it is unreal I wear it all the time I can ride for a while day and not feel pain at all its amazing I did take it off for a little while to really test it and my knee went back to hurting again would really like to try some for horse next and hope it works on him he is so jumpy at everything. Thank u ever so much mojoeurope you have made my riding so much better and I have told a lot of my friends about you and told them to get some of your bands.

Levi Salt

Have had my wristbands for 4 years now (on my third one) and wouldn’t be without it. My horse also wears the patches on his Headcollar and bridle. Have recommended them to no end of people and have been amazed at the difference.

Donna Webster

I am normally very sceptical of this type of thing and done leave reviews but I tried one at the royal welsh show yesterday and could not believe the results so I bought one for my wife, my daughter and her young horse as well – we can all feel the difference straight away, my daughter got home and was instantly better with her nervous young horse – we put his on and he was much more settled and less spooky altogether. My daughter has more confidence and better core balance and my wife says she is now sleeping better. Overall I can highly recommend them.

Will Sparkes

So after surgery this year my horse had massive issues… to say the least. I bought your horse bands at Olympia as I was willing to honestly try anything – 2 hours after wearing her bands my horse turned into a loving caring totally obsessed with me. The horse who the day before would launch at me, kick me & fly like a kite totally unworkable.

Wearing your bands she is Cool calm and collected.

10 stars highly recommend you products.

Amy Anne-Louise

We have just had a new load of rubber mats delivered and used the Grabbit to move the mats around the yard and position into the stables. Amazing! It made such a difference to the job, the mats were easy to move and we didn’t get covered in muck from moving the old mats! Great product, highly recommend!

Stephen Way

Amazing is all i can say, i got my MOJO at badminton in early May when i was struggling to get around and by the end of the day was walking properly and since then have gone from strength to strength. I also got 2 more, 1 for my husband who was very negative and after 48hrs he stated he will not be taking it off, also for my mum who has struggled with arthritus and balance problems for a long time and she wont part with hers. Since then i have also ordered 3 more for friends and am about to place another order. Cannot praise them enough, has changed my life totally and thats a big thanks from myself and my family, its given me a serious quality of life back.

Tracy Slater

Well what can I say I’ve seen it for myself today with my horse out hacking put the patches on her head collar and they seemed to work straight away changed them and put them on her bridle we went out hacking the sheer concentration out hacking normally she is so nosey looking at things and not concentrating on what she is doing or where she is going the difference was amazing not only I noticed a difference but so did my friends too so I am looking forward to the schooling session next.

Jill Rhoden

I bought a band from Hoys on the 7tb October. I am on strong pain relief but still suffer every day. What an amazing gadget this is. I woke up the next morning my knees and feet where fine. Had a fab few days in a lot less pain.

Heidi Dawson

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Mojo wristbands!
The past 16 years I’ve had deformed wrists which have developed into the past 9 years having carpal tunnel and arthritis. Along with a broken pelvis And fractured back I’ve had everything from paracetamol to tramadol! This wristband gave me relief within the first hour for the first time in a long time! Highly recommended!!

Ashley Helen McCloud

I bought my MOJO at Badminton 2015. I bought one for my new rescue dog who was suffering from arthritis, while I was there I bought one for myself. Well within days my swollen arthritic knuckles were back to normal and a nagging pain that I had had in my hip was gone! I have worn my silver/metal MOJO day and night ever since! About 2 weeks ago, my knuckles were getting a little achy, my joints were clicking and my nagging hip was back. Last week I was struggling to get out of bed, I was so tired. By coincidence I decided to clean my MOJO and I noticed it had black spots in the discs and the discs just didn’t look right. So its new discs to be fitted to my metal MOJO bangle, and I can’t wait to get it back! My MOJO has totally transformed my mobility and comfort and I have no idea why they are not more widely used!! Thank you MOJO

Alex Young

Would not be without my band, now about to try equine patch, phoned to ask advise as my horse is a shiverer and they were so helpful. cannot recommend enough, Will be getting my husband one next.(after the horse) xxx

Kerry Mendel

After suffering back pain since birth my friend sent me mojo. I was not sure it would work but liked the look and thought what do I have to lose. 36 hours pain free and the fog has lifted from my head. I am still wondering if all in my head but don’t really care how it works it just does. Brilliant.

Michelle Button

Hi. I phoned yesterday for some advice on purchasing a mojo for my dog which is autistic. Amanda was very helpful and my mojo arrived today. She was loads of issues with being autistic and she has been badly treated too but watch this space to see if any improvement is made. Fingers & paws crossed it will!

Tracey Seal

I am now on my 3rd mojo wristband in 3 years I never take it off as I never want to feel like I did before having one I was a non-believer just thought it was in your head but how wrong I was
so keep up the good work see you at scope next year many thanks for changing my life for the better.

John Watson

Wouldn’t be without my Mojo bracelet. I was sceptical at first but then I left it off for 3 day whilst I went away and gosh I knew about it. The same thing happened a few months later when I left it off again, so now I never leave it off for longer than a day.

Bonnie Fishburn Hollins

My wife and I have been using mojo for many years through the equestrian world. We have seen great results in ourselves being more agile,  helping with muscles and joints, and keeping our circulation going through the winter months. As for the horses it has helped with reducing swelling in limbs and when training at home their concentration. We also use it on our 13 yr old dog who strained a hind leg and with attaching the mojo to her collar she is now running around the yard as normal. We highly recommend this product.

Steven Way